"I do."

I am always the evangelist of Chinese medicine to my patients. Yesterday, however, my patient Jessica taught me a lesson. She caught me talking about my plans using multiple phrases of losing control, "I hope", "I will try". She put it bluntly, "if my boss hands me a task need to be delivered by next Monday. I will go around ask my team how to put on my desk by Friday. If someone says I will try. Sorry, I will tell him, soon I will not have this job, neither will him."

Here is a list she asked me to write down after our conversation and deliver at her next visit:

1. Always have a to do list

2. Put words out to find partners for this project


Of this important task I need to give my friends a forwardable link, tell them:

1. Who am I?

I graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong Univ. in 96, got 2 masters in Materials Sciences and Computer Science. I switched to Chinese medicine in 2013 and here is the story. Working in a clinic setting and with earlier startup experience, I have the urge and broad enough knowledge to found this project.


2. What it is about?

A service platform in the US to help acupuncturists/herbalists serving their patients with best technology/products and minimum admin effort, with or without an herbal pharm at their clinics.

This platform helps patients finding practitioners locally and remotely, especially in difficult cases.

This platform helps practitioners to accumulate values through the patients they directly treated, and make a second and long lasting income stream from their work with fellow practitioners.


3. Why?

In recent years, both the herbal products and best ways to serve patients have gone through a lot of experiments and policy reforms in China. I personally met people from all major Internet companies, Baidu, Ali, Tencent, Huawei, Xiaomi, Ping'an, Kuaishou. Am I offending anyone stating that US healthcare system is below cost/efficiency standards? We obviously have the capability to contribute to future changes. The advances of medical system are for the benefit of mankind.

See my previous webinars for more on TCM specific info.



4. How?

Last year after COVID outbreak I first tried to ask my close friends in China to come up with a bare minimum patient communication tool. I then used 6 months and my own fund to cover 50% of work to a practitioner portal MVP, outsourced on Upwork and ProgInn. Over this year I have continuously analyzed what can be done better. The rest is clearly doable with a team.


5. Who I am looking for?

- Business partners, technologists (software field), reformers

- Interested in holistic healthcare and innovations

- US work experience (ideally Chinese bilingual, not a must)

- As a side project, I offer to open my clinic for intern / student volunteer positions. For high schoolers, a program manager position is needed from parents. I truly believe the best thing a clinic can do is to inspire more people to become future practitioners.


For all the questions not answered in this short post, I will host a Zoom meeting

Topic: Herb4Us Project Intro
Time: 10/20 8:00 pm PST
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Meeting ID: 449 826 1450
Passcode: herb4us

RSVP email me: age@herb4us.com


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