We firmly believe that acupuncture and herbs are very affordable, with little side effects and should benefit more people like our patients, who discovered how they became healthier and happier. Some sessions are short and immediately solve their problems. Other issues need a lot more efforts for the practitioner and the patient forming a team to achieve long term health goals.

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Following is a list of common issues / symptoms we treat, feel free to ask us about your specific problems @408-962-0909:

Cold and flu, stomach flu 2-3 visits
Allergy, chronic cough 5-10 visits
Asthma 10+ visits
Skin issues, eczema, acne 4-10 visits

Sports Injury or acute pain relief

2-3 visits
Personal Injury, auto accident (auto insurance paid) 12-20 visits

Chronic pain management

10-20 visits 

Stress management, anxiety, depression, insomnia

10+ visits

Women's health, menstruation issues, menopause

10 visits

Fertility program

3-6 months program

Metabolic Syndrome, diabetes, high cholesterol, weight loss

3-6 months program

ADHD / Autism support

3 months program


Ask us about our referral program! We reward patients refer their friends with discount towards both the patients and their friends.

Additional bonus - Up to 30% off FullScript practitioner-grade supplements mailed to your home:

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