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- Are you stressed out by irregular or painful menstruation?

- Are you unable to accompany your family or enjoy life more due to health reasons?

We are here to help, specializing in women's health, fertility, diabetes, weight management, pain management etc. We have an on-site herbal pharm with top quality oriental medicine.

Woment's Health & Fertility - Less Stress, More Success

It is about bringing happiness and success to everyone in the healthiest and most natural ways. Since the landscape of holistic medicine is complex, and practices vary a lot even from practitioner to practitioner in the same discipline. It helps to establish "primary care" relationship with someone resonates your principle and healthcare needs. All of our doctors are board certified and have years of experience in the field. Not only that, we genuinely care about the wellness of each and every one of our clients, and go above and beyond to make sure that they are getting the care that they deserve. Best of all, we are partenering with Beijing Dongzhimen hospital OB/GYN integrative medicine, where they collectively had 100,000 successful pregancy cases.


    “Me and my family have been seen Dr. Ge for years. She helped me recover from my lack of menstrual flow, helped my parents with their suffering of insomnia and transitioning to seniors both mentally and internally. We trust her diagnosis and listen to her advices and have seen great results in ourselves.”

  • Hilda / FERTILITY

    "“Dr. Ge, I cannot thank you enough for all your help and dedication towards my pregnancy journey. After trying to get pregnant for almost a year, I came to see you. You supported me with acupuncture, herbs and great tips to get my body healthy for pregnancy. After 3 treatments, I got pregnant. My husband and I were beyond happy and grateful. I am forever grateful to you and cannot recommend enough your gift of helping others with acupuncture, herbs, etc."

  • Steve / Metabolism

    “I started 2 months ago on a 3-month treatment plan and my goal was to lower my Triglyceride and Glucose ratings. I was extremely surprised to see that my blood tests results showed Triglyceride ratings in the normal range and almost normal Glucose ratings after having extremely high ratings for the past 10 years. My treatment has been somewhat of a miracle.“

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Is it your goal to have a beautiful baby or live your life pain-free?

  • Infertility, Menstruation & Women's Health

    While IVF does wonders for ~50% of the couples seeking fertility treatment, there are still a good percentage of patients can benefit more from holistic treatments that improves egg/sperm quality, reduce stress, and increase success rate to 85%.

  • Skincare, Aging & Acne

    Tune your body and skin from inside out. Work with traditional formulas and experience how Asian women have younger and radiant skin.

  • Joint Pain & Body Ache

    Body ache is a message sent to your nervous system. You shouldn't ignore the message or surpress the pain by pills. The better solution is to work on the underlying causes and live life pain-free.

  • Metabolism

    If you are overweight, you have much higher risks to develop one or more of the metabolic diseases, diabetes, high cholestorol and high blood pressure. These can lead to cardiovascular diseases and lower life expenctancy. We can help with holistic treatment plus coaching to restore your healthy life style.

Herb4Us & Accupuncture

Significant back pain

Simone S. ★★★★★

Herb4Us & Accupuncture

Neck pain and movement tension

Y J ★★★★★

Herb4Us & Accupuncture

Muscle pain and digestive health

Kingston ★★★★★

Herb4Us & Accupuncture

Hip surgery

Kailyn S. ★★★★★

Herb4Us & Accupuncture

Insomnia, digestive issues, and inflamation

Julie ★★★★★

Herb4Us & Accupuncture

Low stomach pain and circulation issues

John M. ★★★★★

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Herb4Us & Accupuncture

Menstruation cramping

Alexis B. ★★★★★