Chinese Medicine Meets Technology

  • "I do."

    I am always the evangelist of Chinese medicine to my patients. Yesterday, however, my patient Jessica taught me a lesson. She caught me talking abo...
  • The Role of Endocrine in Chinese Medicine

    Notes summarizing Clinical endocrinology and relate to TCM Therapeutics
  • 2021 Fall-Winter "Know Thyself" Theme Talks

    Endocrine, psychology, TCM diagnosis, and herbal treatment, seemingly diverse, but they are very connected.
  • Understanding Cyclic Fertility Acupuncture with Easy@Home BBT

    BBT is a critical step to understand your fertility issue and ease the communication with your acupuncturist.


  • 2021 Spring-Summer Acupuncture talks in Bay Area Wechat Groups

    您可能零零星星接触的中医知识不少了,有没有较全面地理解过人体经络系统和生理病理的关系?对哪些病看西医或看中医有没有比较过?能不能大致判断不同中医师的方案和疗效差别在哪里? 葛医师本季主要围绕着针灸治疗的常见病、常用穴位来介绍,也讲解相应的居家保健方法和中药疗法。 每周三晚7点,下列时间为Zoo...
  • A Paper Related to AI, Medical Sciences, the Missing Key to Understand TCM

    "Chinese medicine is an advanced life science, the evolutionary path of medical sciences."
  • 2021 Spring TCM talks in Bay Area Wechat Group

    Meeting 1 中医抗疫的中场战事  回顾抗疫上半场2020武汉的春节、2020加州湾区的3月、2020美国圣诞节 聚焦到一号方治疗COVID重症、中症 疫苗的初期表现、问题和预期 中医如何治疗COVID轻症及后遗症
  • 2021, a New Chapter in COVID Prevention and Treatment

    Before the end of January 2021, worldwide accumulated COVID cases passed 100 million, while US cases out of proportionally a quarter. It is everybo...
  • The Call for New Holistic Practice Tools

    How the traditional pay-per-visit model limits holistic practices to grow online and scale. And practice management software need to catch up.
  • Now offering Tai chi for wellness and pain relief

    Herb4Us Herbs and Acupuncture is proud to offer Tai Chi classes. Taiji 太极, also spelled Tai chi, is Chinese martial art known for its slow, flowing movements. Although it has its origins as a fighting style, it has become increasingly popular as a form of mindful exercise, similar to yoga. 
  • Why I became a Chinese medicine practitioner

  • Herbalist Community Support Project for COVID-19

    The site we are building will let people self-admin, self-test at home, with herbalist practitioners remote support.