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Welcome to Herb4Us, an herbs and acupuncture clinic specialized in acupuncture and classic herbal formula treatment. We serve patients online and in-person through the pandemic. 

Dr. Ge obtained engineering degrees in US and led a regular busy life of software profession in Silicon Valley for more than 10 years. Until struggling through some personal losses, she tuned in to health issues and studied Chinese medicine along the time meeting renowned herbalist Dr. Robert Xie at a seminar. The turning point of making it a new career is to convince him to take her as an apprentice in 2013, more of that story in this blog and the original letter.

She spent 3 years in Beijing in Dr Robert's startup, as VP of Engineering to lead the teamwork of pulse diagnose hardware and software. She started her own clinic to help more patients in bay area after she came back, and continue the journey to help more acupuncturists to support patients remotely with online herb dispensaries. 

She believes that patients should hold a more active role in the healthcare system. People must not ignore their symptoms until they are forced to rely on medications for life. It is safer and more effective to use holistic medicine early on to strengthen the human body’s natural healing capabilities. 

She maintains long term care relationship with many patients resonate with holistic healthcare principle.

Dr. Davina began her study of acupuncture by first being a patient. She suffered from terrible headaches, often 3-5/week, many lasting all day. She tried acupuncture while living in China, and distinctly remembers a session when the practitioner put a needle in the base of her palm. Suddenly she felt an electric jolt from her hand to her shoulder. Whatever happened with that needle, worked, and she went from multiple, severe headaches a week, to a few vague headaches every few months.  From her own lived experience she understands both the burden of chronic pain and illness, but also the tremendous relief available form Chinese medicine.

She decided to study Chinese medicine herself and graduated top of her class from Five Branches University, earning a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She has received advanced fellowship training and worked in high volume clinics and integrative medicine centers, often seeing multiple patients per hour.

She currently specializes in pain management, stress reduction, and women’s health. She is a proud veteran, having served in Korea, and is member of the LGBTQ community, Dr. Davina strives to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. She is also a health and wellness advocate, practices and teaches Taiji regularly.

Amy Wang is a veteran software engineer and devoted acupuncturist. Her interest in acupuncture and Chinese medicine began after experiencing the positive effects on her own health a decade ago.

Apart from her private practice, Amy also volunteers at the California Pacific Medical Center (CMCC) where she works with cancer survivors. She provides a holistic approach to post-cancer rehabilitation and pain management, which is often difficult to achieve through traditional Western medicine. Amy's expertise in acupuncture and Chinese medicine has helped many patients manage the side effects of cancer treatment such as fatigue, nausea, and pain.

Amy is highly regarded for her pain management skills, and she uses acupuncture to alleviate a wide range of conditions. Her approach is tailored to the individual needs of each patient, and she is committed to providing compassionate care that addresses the root causes. Her patients report significant improvements in their overall health and wellbeing, and she is loved for her ability to help them achieve their health goals.


We specially welcomes families to visit our Sunnyvale clinic or join our virtual workshops to find out about women's health issues, stress/insomnia, pain management, in-home exercises, and various child development issues. There are many life style challenges for the coming months of pandemic, we will get through it together.

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