Healthcare spans multi-disciplinary regimens. Here are some excellent providers  and services we know personally or recommended by mutual patients. Feel free to contact them directly when needs arise.

Inject IVF

Professional and caring concierge services for IVF patients. Always reached them any moment I called. 

Bay Area Maternity

After treating a mutual patient, I visited their beautiful Los Gatos office and love to see future collaboration on patient education. They host a tea and orientation to families, the second Sunday of each month.

On Lok Life Ways

We are contracted acupuncture clinic for On Lok San Jose center. Over the years we did pain management for their senior members and observed very good care taking from their staff and drivers. 

Amy Dental

Amy Dental are open throughout the COVID months. My kids are happy to go there. We are proud to offer herbal treatment support for their staff and patients. 

Dr Luna

(949) 415-6067

A very insightful psychologist friend of mine, experienced in addiction, mental illness etc. hard clinical work. I often had wow moments asking her about people questions. She moved to LA, and open for online consultations.

Dr Shervin Parvini

Dr Parvini is very warm and open to share his experiences running a successful chiropractic center. We very much agreed on the importance of accumulating case data and bring up the value of long term care for the patients.

Chuntian Acupuncture Clinic

I have known Chuntian for years, and always remember the good old days we had weekend hikes with patient families and exchanged great tips on exercises. I would highly recommend his skillful hand work for musculoskeletal adjustment.