Services and Long Term Care

We firmly believe that acupuncture and herbs should be affordable and benefit more people. Some sessions are short and immediately solve your problem, some issues need a lot more efforts from the practitioner and the patient following guidance.

Two ways we can help with the cost. We reward patients bringing in friends with credits, and lower the per visit cost when you need multiple visits.

Here is an estimate of common issues / symptoms we treat, which are more predictable and effective:

Cold and flu, stomach flu 2-3 visits
Allergy, chronic cough 5-10 visits
Asthma 10+ visits
Skin issues, eczema, acne 4-6 visits

Sports Injury or acute pain relief

2-3 visits

Chronic pain management

10-20 visits

Stress management, anxiety, depression, insomnia

10+ visits

Women's health, menstruation issues, menopause

5-10 visits

Fertility program

3 months program

Metabolic Syndrome, diabetes, high cholesterol, weight loss

4 months program

ADHD / Autism improvement

3 months program


All services above receive ~20% discount over 5 visits. The long term care patients would receive additional discount specific to their programs and complementary free follow up visits annually.