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COLDCARE Capsules 柴葛四逆汤胶囊

COLDCARE Capsules 柴葛四逆汤胶囊

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成分:柴胡,枳实,甘草 ,白芍,干姜,⻩芩,葛根,茯苓,杏仁,八⻆,

说明: 柴葛四逆汤是中国帮助人们恢复轻症感冒后(发烧不超过38 度)体力和康复的最常⻅方剂之一,方剂来源于2000年前的汉代,是一 款成熟的⻝品补充剂,这个胶囊属于⻝品补充剂不能代替药物治疗你有发烧 请最好咨询你的医生看是否适合服用这款⻝品补充剂,不要耽误你的病情。

 孕妇和儿童不适合服用。一般服用方法为,有感冒症状后, 可以一日两次每次3-4粒,饭后服用。

Function: This formula supports fast recovery from mild flu or COVID symptoms, sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, minor sore throat (with temperature lower than 100 F)

Ingredients:  Bupleurum, Fructus aurantil immaturus, Poria, Licorice, Almond, Paeonia Lactiflora, Ginger, Chinese Skullcap, Puerariae Radix, Star Anise(Chai Hu, Zhi Shi, Fu Ling, Gan Cao, Xin Ren, Bai Shao, Gan Jiang, Huang Qin, Ge Gen, Ba Jiao)

Usage: Take 3-4 capsules after meal, twice a day. Use for 3 days, if symptoms are not getting better, consult your herbalist or doctor immediately.

100 capsules per bottle.

Warning:  This product contains almond.  Do not use if you are allergic to nuts.

Advice on treatment or care of an individual patient should be obtained through consultation with us trained healthcare practitioners.

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