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Graphene Infra-red Moxibustion Device 墨烯灸

Graphene Infra-red Moxibustion Device 墨烯灸

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High-tech reusable infra-red device to replace traditional moxa. Smokeless and convenient for pain treatment at home. 

  • One big pad for back and belly. Two small pads for neck, arms, knees, and other acupuncture points.
  • Wall plug adapts to 110/220V
  • Touchscreen temperature control


  • 一个大片灸腰背和腹部,两个小片灸颈肩、膝腿及其他穴位。
  • 变压器适用110/220V
  • 有使用说明图,或参阅灸大夫App和咨询中医师使用。

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