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Starter Membership

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  • Do you always feel tired and stressed out, not be able to enjoy life as before?
  • Do you struggle to work and support your family due to chronic conditions?

We achieved great results helping people with irregular menstruation, diabetes, high cholesterol, and chronic pain.

The starter membership helps you explore a 4-5 weeks initial treatment plan to improve your health, and enjoy savings for follow up treatments as needed. It is good for family pool, with no expiration date.

  1. $20 off acupuncture
  2. $20 off herbal consult
  3. 10% off herbal products* 
  4. Up to 30% off FullScript practitioner-grade supplements mailed to your home
  5. Online wellness classes
  6. Referral credits for you and your friends (one free acupuncture treatment each)
  • 您时常感到疲劳、压力大,生活乐趣不如从前吗?
  • 您工作和陪伴家人时常受到慢性疾病的困扰吗?


新会员包帮助您尝试 1个多月的治疗,后续维护也获得优惠。可供家庭使用,不会过期。

  1. 针灸减 $20 
  2. 开方减 $20
  3. 中药减 10%  
  4. FullScript 个人购买优质保健品最高减 30% 
  5. 线上保健课程
  6. 介绍病人馈赠 (您和朋友各免费针灸一次)